Your list of all your shareholders and investors is commonly referred to as your capitalization table, “cap table” for short. This provides the essential details of your company ownership, including each investors vesting information along with the class of stock (common, preferred, options, warrants, etc) they own, the number of shares, the date acquired, and the price paid. It’s one of the most important organizational documents as it is used to track and prove who owns what in your company.
You can organize and manage your lists of investors and/or debtholders. This includes printing cap tables, sending investor emails, sending notices of changes, and letting your broker or crowdfunding portal upload information when you get funded.
All business can use our system to keep organized and ensure regulatory compliance, including C and S-corps, LLC’s, LLP’s and other entity types.
Yes, yes and yes. The platform works great for all types of equity and debt, as well as options and warrants. Equity. Debt. Common. Preferred. Convertible. Options. Warrants. Unlimited classes. Unlimited investors.
Nope, we host everything for you! Just create a free account and start managing your cap table today.
Yes! We provide the most technologically advanced service in the transfer agent industry, providing issuers with a “software as a service” platform that enables you, along with your authorized users, to manage your shareholder and debtholder registries.
Yes and no.

“No” in that we never send, receive or process physical stock certificates, we only handle “book entry” securities where ownership positions in your company are reflected on the books and records which are maintained by us as your SEC registered transfer agent.

“Yes” in that whenever you record a new owner, either from issuing securities from the company as you raise capital or from investors who sell to others, we can issue “ceremonial” certificates to people like this:
We service Reg A, 506(b) & (c), Reg S, 4(a)(6) – aka Title III – and just about every other type of security permissible under US laws. Equity. Debt. Common. Preferred. Options. Warrants. Unlimited classes. Unlimited investors. You name it, we do it.
We enable ownership changes and ensure good delivery by both enforcing transfer restrictions (e.g. Rule 144, limitations on 4(a)(6) investors, rights of first refusal, etc) and by providing escrow services to ensure cash settles and clears before securities are transferred. This is accomplished via automated systems which can be accessed by the company directly, as well as by venture exchanges and other secondary market platforms.