Fee Schedule

Our services enable you to easily manage investors, including sending emails, updating vesting information, uploading supporting documents, paying dividends and interest, and integrating with secondary market platforms.

Setup - $0 (no fee), tech & phone support available at $75/hr (1 hr min)
Add New Investors - $0 (no fee)
Investor Document Vault - $0 (no fee), unlimited doc’s (e.g. subscription agreement, LLC membership signature page, statement of accreditation, etc)
View/Print.pdf Cap-Table - $0 (no fee)
FAST Account Fee - $25/mo (1 Admin, unlimited investors, unlimited types of securities)
FAST Add’l Admins on Account - $5/admin monthly fee
Interest/Dividend Payments - $25/accounting batch fee plus $0.50 per investor payment made via ACH (checks are $5, wires $15)
Annual Tax Information Files (.csv) - $0 (no fee)
Investor Vesting Changes & Email Confirmations - $2
“To:Investor” Email System - $2 per use (unlimited investors, no fee per investor email)
Process Stock Splits & Email Confirmations - $25
Process Ownership Changes, Enforce Restrictions, Email Confirmations - $2/item

Escrow, Process & Register Secondary Transactions – $25/item (plus restrictions clearance, if any)
AML Secondary Transactions (buyer) - $2 domestic investor, $60 international

Exchange Platform API Key Setup & License - $0 (no fees)
Exchange Transaction Fee - $0 (no fees)